Photography with Feeling


Guess the Capital



Not very difficult, but a fantastic image don’t you think? I think possibly my favorite country and where I want to retire, although not in this capital unless I win the pools.  I discovered I could eat the best food in the world and watch the best TV here thanks to the internet !

Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park, Australia

Nambung  Park, Australia

This is the Pinnacles desert in the Nambung National Park. A stunning view, especially if you’ve never seen a true desert landscape. The formations are actually made of Limestone, another great reason to visit Australia, some help is here if you want more information

Keeping Pets Safe

Does your current doggie door look like an invitation to wild animals?  You need to get something more like this.

Glutera glutathione


 Get the perfect body by consuming Glutera glutathione. No side effect, make your body slim and healthy in the shorter time.


Amazing Wedding Photography

If you want to experience a wedding that looks as stunning as this, take a look for inspiriation from these wedding snaps.

Collecting Silver

Collecting Antique silver can be a hugely rewarding hobby.  Three are some wonderful pieces available and if you learn a little about the subject then you can even pick up some bargains.


It is important, especially when you’re beginning your collection to be very careful what you’re buying.  It’s probably best to stick to reputable dealers and other collectors initially – sites like these have experts who are always willing to answer questions and help people with advice.  However internet sites aren’t the only solution, it is also important to handle silver and learn to identify different marks and get to know how ‘good’ silver feels.  Unfortunately there is a lot of cheap and imitation products being passed off to the unwary buyer – so be careful especially if you’re paying a lot of money for a piece of silver.

Dogs Need Proper Food


Automatic dog feeder for your dog to helps him to have a healthy food.

Go Look At Your Neck


Go take a look at your neck. Seriously, go to a mirror and have a good look at your neck. As we age, it’s more common to see the skin around it sag a bit. At Snowberry Lane, a method called Pelleve Treatment is aimed at reducing those wrinkles. Check out the blog for more by clicking here.

Picture of the Best CTR Rings

Images of rings are a great way to start thinking about the importance of life. Check out these CTR rings above!

Making a Point

It is interesting looking at how pictures help to illustrate a point. This picture captures the imagination more than just a general post about financial news might do. Click here for a good example of a financial news blog. Finding the right graphics will get people engaged and more willing to take the time to read what you have to say.