Photography with Feeling


The British Flag – With Effects



This is the UK flag, obviously slightly modified – photo was taken on a Nikon 5100.  It’s being used on lots of different web sites and made available from Pixabay, one of the videos is linked to this video about using a British proxy.


Great United Kingdom Montage


I love this it’s from Geralt at Pixabay

If you love all things British, then check out this UK TV VPN.

Is Anonymity a Crime?


Should we no longer expect to have some level of privacy in our lives. The digital space is becoming increasingly intrusive, with little chance of anonymity unless we use specialized tools and techniques like IP anonymizers.

Democracy in Hong Kong?



It’s what the people in Hong Kong want, the right to democratic elections.  Unfortunately there is a problem with that, they’re called China a country where you have to do as your told, keep changing your IP address like this  to access half the internet and spend your life looking around for Government spies.

Scotland Remains in UK

Saltire and union flag


Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom, the 300 year old Union which has been one of the most successful in history.  Many independence voters were very upset, but the majority of the Nation were pleased to see it remain in tact.  It would have felt very strange to have Scotland as an independent country, in fact you would have even needed a UK proxy to access the BBC over the internet.


Let’s Go to the Movies



I love this graphic, it’s built up of lots of film strips from a reel of film superimposed on each other.  It would make a great banner or title bar for a film or TV blog.    It just demonstrates what you can do with any simple photo editor software now and some of the special effects.  I think it might work on this site -

A Famous Telephone Box



I think we all know which famous sci-fi character uses this for travel.   I think this was taken in one of the many Dr Who exhibitions around the country, best one I saw was in Glasgow.  It’s currently off air but the Dr Who season (and new Dr) return in Autumn of 2014 for people outside the UK – you can watch it using this.


Guess the Capital



Not very difficult, but a fantastic image don’t you think? I think possibly my favorite country and where I want to retire, although not in this capital unless I win the pools.  I discovered I could eat the best food in the world and watch the best TV here thanks to the internet !

Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park, Australia

Nambung  Park, Australia

This is the Pinnacles desert in the Nambung National Park. A stunning view, especially if you’ve never seen a true desert landscape. The formations are actually made of Limestone, another great reason to visit Australia, some help is here if you want more information

Keeping Pets Safe

Does your current doggie door look like an invitation to wild animals?  You need to get something more like this.