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JavaOpenGL is a set of Java classes that let you program the OpenGL API on a Windows 95 or Windows NT box. Most of the Open GL API is supported.

JavaOpenGL works both with the stock OpenGL32.dll file supplied by Microsoft, and the 3Dfx specific version provided as part of Id Software’s GLQuake.

How to Install JavaOpenGL


In order to install and use JavaOpenGL, you’ll need the following:

* A Java VM. You can use either Java 1.0.2 or Java 1.1. You can buy a Java VM, or you can get one for free from JavaSoft.
* Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0. You can get Windows 95 from Microsoft.

Optionally, you might also want:

* A 3Dfx compatible graphics card. You can get a list of vendors from 3Dfx Interactive.
* Glide 2.3 or later graphics device driver. You can get Glide from 3Dfx Interactive.


JavaOpenGL is available at To use it, unpack the ZIP file using a program like WinZip. When you unpack it, be sure to unpack it with the directory structure intact.

Once you’ve unpacked the ZIP file, cd to the JavaOpenGL directory and run Install95.bat or InstallNT.bat, depending upon your OS. This will copy the JavaOpenGL dll file to your system directory.

Running the Demo

In order to run the demo, you must edit the file JavaMesaTests/Tex.bat:

1. Change the JAVADIR variable to be wherever your Java VM is located.

To run the demo, double-click on Tex.bat. The demo will run, and you will see a window open that says “Open GL”. The window should show a spinning texture mapped cube. If you have a 3Dfx VooDoo card, the window will be blank, and you should see the animation on the VooDoo output. (To Quit close the window. If you can’t see the window because you’ve got a VooDoo card, type ESC, ‘Q’, or Shift+F4)

If you get an error that says something like “program not found”, check that you’ve edited the JAVADIR variable in Tex.bat.

If you get an error that says something like “Couldn’t link class”, check that you’ve installed OpenGL32.dll, and that you’ve run install.bat to install the JavaOpenGL dll.

Programming using JavaOpenGL

About the JavaOpenGL API

JavaOpenGL is based upon:

* An Unofficial port of OpenGL to Java – The Java to Open GL routines.

If you have a 3Dfx VooDoo or VooDoo Rush card, you can get a hardware accelerated version of the OpenGL32.dll library. To use it, copy it to the same directory as the Java program you’ve written. e.g. to use it with the tests, copy it to the JavaMesaTests directory.

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